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    Did you know Canada..   75% of new moms notice more hair shedding than normal after childbirth?  It is part of the many changes a woman goes through during pregnancy.  It’s not uncommon to go from thick, shiny hair before pregnancy to see it quickly transform to thin-looking, limp hair weeks after giving birth.  On a regular day I have quite a bit of hair in my hair brush after blow drying my hair, I LOVED not losing any during my pregnancies and it was a noticable difference when I didn’t have that daily loss.

    main_nixoin starter kit 3

    I’ve been trying NIOXIN for the past couple weeks to see if I can get that look back (even though I am definitely NOT pregnant!).  It’s the #1 choice of hair stylists to deliver fuller, denser-looking hair and it was developed by a mom!  You can see results of thicker-looking hair after just two weeks of using the NIOXIN System Kit.  NIOXIN DiaMax is a daily leave-in treatment that increases the thickness of each hair strand by up to 4.5 per cent after one use.

    First of all I loved the feeling of using NIOXIN, the conditioner makes your head all tingly and the leave in makes your scalp feel cool.  I absolutely am noticing a difference both in look and on the brush!  While not exactly like being pregnant, I am happy with the results, LOVE that you can actually see and feel the results! and will be using NIOXIN and would recommend it to friends.

    There are 6 professional kits, depending on your hair type and if yours is chemically treated and there’s 3 parts to a kit – shampoo, conditioner and daily leave-in – I love it and you will too!  Enter below for your chance to win not only a NIOXIN System Kit (including a cleanser, scalp therapy and treatment) but also NIOXIN DiaMax Treatment!  Good luck Canada!


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    1. I haven’t but I really want to.

    2. I have not!

    3. Nope, never. But I have always wanted to.

    4. I have never tried Nioxin.

    5. I have not tried this product yet but certainly have intrigued me. ):)

    6. love nioxin products

    7. I have tried it!

    8. I have not tried Nioxin but I have heard how great the products are, from my sister!

    9. I have never tried NIOXIN

    10. No, haven’t tried Nioxin

    11. No I have never tried Nioxin before.

    12. I’ve not tried it. I’d like to.

    13. Hi, I have not tried Nioxin before. Thanks for sponsoring this giveaway and for the opportunity to participate.

    14. I am LOVING Nioxin and hope to see results soon! I’ve only been using it for a week!
      MultiTestingMom recently posted…The Healthy Shopper Spring Picks {#GIVEAWAY}My Profile

    15. I hadn’t even heard of Nioxin

    16. no

    17. Yes, I currently use Nioxin.

    18. I haven’t tried it but my mom uses it and likes it.

    19. no I haven’t tried NIOXIN so far but it certainly sounds like it might help alleviate some of my problems.

    20. ******I have not tried the products but would love the opportunity to do so******

    21. no i have not tried it before but totally would love to

    22. Yes I have and it is definitely a high quality product !!!

    23. I love love love their products! My hair feels great after I use their shampoo and conditioner.
      Teena in Toronto recently posted…Stars on Ice, Toronto, ONMy Profile

    24. No I have not.

    25. I haven’t yet tried Nioxin and am looking forward to doing so.

    26. No I have not tried it.

    27. I have not tried Nioxin but I do have thinning hair so I would love to.

    28. No, I have not tried NIOXIN.

    29. Ive never tried but would like to…… :)

    30. I have never tried Nioxin, It’s the first time I have heard of this brand.

    31. I never head of this before

    32. I have not tried but have been told too as my hair is really thinning

    33. No, I haven’t tried Nioxin yet, but after reading the product review. It sounds wonderful!
      Michelle B recently posted…ATTITUDE Is Cleaning My Home Without The chemicalsMy Profile

    34. No, I have not tried Nioxin

    35. I have never heard of this before. Could sure use it though.

    36. I have heard about it, but never tried it

    37. I haven’t tried it yet. I want to though!

    38. no,I have not tried it,but it sounds like it would be great for my thinning hair!

    39. Yes i have, love the tingling but I would love to try again

    40. I have not tried NIOXIN

    41. I haven’t tried their products yet.

    42. No I haven’t but I really want to! I really need some help with my thinning hair

    43. Haven t tried them yet

    44. No I have not! but I would love to as my hair is thinning

    45. Haven’t tried Nioxin yet

    46. I have not tried it. I would love to and I would love to introduce it someone else.

    47. No I have never tried the product , however I would love to win this and have the chance to try it out ! :)

    48. I’ve never tried them personally, but I have heard a lot of great things about Nioxin products.
      Sarah @ Living As We recently posted…Celebrate Acceptance with Second Story PressMy Profile

    49. I haven’t tried it, but I really want to.

    50. No. Just heard about it in the past week.

    51. I have not tried but definitely would love to try it!

    52. I haven’t heard of Nioxin before but so happy to learn about it now.I would definitely be excited to try this product.


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