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    • Get the crayons out, Santa is waiting for your letter!

      Did you know Canada.. we’ve been busy making our Santa list this weekend, make sure your little ones get started on that too. Thanks to volunteers at Canada Post, every child that sends a letter into Santa will get a reply back (you MUST include return address of course). We’ve been doing this every year for the boys, always exciting, but even more so this year now that they really “get” the magic of Santa and can write their own names. To send your list to Santa, use address: Santa Claus North ...Read more →

    • Dull weather? Dull hair? A simple trick to make you feel fabulous
      Dull weather? Dull hair? A simple trick to make you feel fabulous

      Did you know Canada.. With the snow starting to fall across the country and the holiday season fast approaching, “me time” becomes a thing of the past. Take a step back from the hustle and bustle and remember to take care of yourself, especially your hair, which can take a beating this time of year. During the holiday season, time-saving tips and tricks can be a huge help. Let Batiste™ Dry Shampoo be one of your time-saving tips as we all know, not having to wash your hair everyday can be a bles ...Read more →

    • Snowmobile in Ontario this winter!

      Did you know Canada.. it was Armand Bombardier, of Valcourt, Quebec, that developed this unique snow machine in 1926. His vehicles were used wherever heavy loads were carried over difficult terrain. In the 1950s, he pioneered the development of small, light snow vehicles for winter sports. In this day and age snowmobiles are often used for sport, travel and weekend activities.  Have you tried it? Check out sites like Ontario Trails to find available trails. Over 43,000 km available in Ontario al ...Read more →

    • Brushing 101

      Did you know Canada.. Double, double toil and trouble. Fall baking and left over Halloween candy can certainly spell trouble for the teeth. Make sure you and your family are up to speed on the best ways to avoid cavities. Using the right tools and techniques can help stop cavities from digging a goulish hole in your teeth. First off, make sure you are equipped with the right tools. The Truly Radiant™ Extra White Manual Toothbrush is the only manual brush that features a unique rotating head, plu ...Read more →

    • This day in 1951

      Did you know Canada.. In 1951, Atomic Energy of Canada Ltd. pioneered the field of cancer treatment with its Eldorado Beam Therapy Unit to replace radium therapy. The first unit was used in the London Clinic of the Ontario Cancer Foundation at Victoria Hospital in London, Ontario on October 23, 1951. On October 27, 1951, the first highly publicized cobalt-60 treatment in the world occurred there. Another unit was built under the direction of Dr. Harold Johns at the University of Saskatchewan‘s n ...Read more →

    • Plan a Day in the Falls

      Did you know Canada.. One of Canada’s most iconic natural attractions is a wonderful place to visit with the family.   Did you know that the city of Niagara falls has a whole host of additional fun family attractions on offer while you’re visiting? Here’s a look at some of the best things to do for kids, and big kids, alike: Clifton Hill Amusements Clifton Hill is absolutely packed with family fun attractions. In fact, there’s enough to keep you going here without going anywhere else! Howev ...Read more →

    • Back to Campus for Students

      Did you know Canada.. September is a month for new beginnings and energy. However, the annual return to campus can be stressful for college and university students as they gear up for another year of late-night study sessions, hectic schedules and exams. Here are some easy tips to help make the trip back to campus a whole lot calmer. Stock up on essentials For many university students, living away from home for the first time can feel overwhelming with new responsibilities from grocery shopping ...Read more →

    • The Baseball glove is ours #Canada!

      Did you know Canada.. as the baseball season starts to wind down for many (except our Jays!) many feel baseball is a true American sport, so it might surprise you to know that the Baseball glove was said to be invented in Canada in 1883!! Art “Foxy” Irwin is said to invent the baseball glove, though some contend he just made it popular and we may never know the whole truth. We do know that in 1883 Art broke 2 of his fingers on his left hand from a hard hit ball which caused him to purchase a lar ...Read more →

    • Having “the talk” with your teens

      Did you know Canada..  While many parents dread having, it’s critical to ensure that teens understand the importance of taking care of their sexual health and that includes practising safer sex if they are sexually active. After all, knowledge is power and parents need to ensure their teens are equipped with the right information, especially if they will soon be leaving home or headed off to college or university. To help make both parents and kids feel at ease, TROJAN™ has some great suggestion ...Read more →

    • Canadian Giveaway Linky! 8/17
      Canadian Giveaway Linky! 8/17

      Did you know Canada.. We are so happy to once again bring you this weekly feature with our co-host Tales of a Ranting Ginger – Every Monday we are opening a weekly linky for giveaways open to Canadians. We appreciate everyone’s interest and contributions! Do you have a blog that is running a giveaway and it’s open to Canadians?? Link up below!! Visit here through out the week to find giveaways open to Canadians and get winning!! Good Luck!! ...Read more →